The Marche Region – An Unknown Beauty.

For many, the Marche region is largely unknown. It is located in the shadow of its famous siblings, Tuscany or Umbria, near the Adriatic coast. The Marche region is no less interesting in its fascinating history, culture or remarkable
nature. Most of our clients who first discovered the Marches, were pleasantly surprised. They were in particular impressed by the friendly people and were captivated by the diversity and variety of the landscape. Instead of drawing comparisons with other parts of Italy, it shouldbe noted the environment in its expressive naturalness is immediately admired and protected by visitors.

The landscape is never boring as it is varied from gentle rolling vistas to steeper majestic hills with the added bonus and pleasure of having the sea nearby. The Marches has caught the attention of the media with the result of heightening demands for real estate projects which makes property here an excellent investment.