Lake Constance – a jewel in the heart of Europe.

Once you've been here, you will always want to return – or even want to stay forever. The Lake enchants its visitors with a quality of life that is unparalleled in Central Europe. It boasts a mild climate, has stunning views of the nearby Alps, almost limitless leisure, spa and sports facilities as well as the most beautiful places to suit a variety of tastes and moods, ranging from Mediterranean adventure to exhilarating to relaxing options.
Not to mention the many culinary delights, which are known far beyond the borders of the region: from award-winning wine on sun-soaked fruit to the famous freshly caught fish from Lake Constance.  You will find everything here that makes the heart of sophisticated connoisseurs delight.

Even in economic terms, the largest inland lake in Germany and its environs belong to the most attractive locations nationwide. World-renowned companies from various industries are located here. And the location in the foothills of the Alps has a few advantages: Switzerland and Austria are in the immediate neighborhood, and even Italy is only a few hours. All these factors make value-enhancing properties in the region of Lake Constance an extremely interesting, future-proof investment.